What Is Your “WHY” Explained By Frazer Brooks

What is Your “WHY”

Here is a video Frazer Brooks does on your “why,” now I don’t know if you have heard about Frazer Brooks but I 🥰 this guy! I started following him back in 2018 I believe and was following him some times when I decided to get serious with my NUSKIN (links with text at the bottom of the page, in case you are curious) company… until I got “lured” away once again…

However, I do watch him now and then and so I decided to share one of his videos on your “WHY” I hope you find value in this video, and feel free to share if you like (what more can he ask for right 😉)

I also would like to mention that your why I have found out does not have to be static, meaning it can not change, however, it always has to move you so deeply you either cry or can’t breathe every time you think of it and you also have to place it so you see it when you need that extra push!


So listen to him and figure out WHY you want to build an Online Business?



FYI: In case you have not heard about Nuskin, Nuskin is a company based around skincare and especially keeping your skin as youthful as possible as you age.

Since Nuskin operates differently in different markets it has websites catered to each country. Below I have listed links to the US and the Norwegian markets just in case anyone want’s to take a look. The products are AWESOME!! Especially the Lumispa

Nuskin USA
Nuskin Norway

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