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Short Explanation on Capture Pages

Ok so what is a capture page? The shortes explanation I can give you is this:

A capture page is a page that is designed to capture someones email. That is it – it is a page with one specific purpose – to get a visitor to enter their email and sometimes name in a form on the page.

A capture page is used for Email List Building.

I am certain you have heard the words “the money is in the list” well the list in mention is the email list – and to get people to give you their email you have to:

  • Describe a problem your visitor is experiencing
  • Offer a solution in exchange for the visitor’s information
  • Deliver the solution

This is the most successful way to get a visitors email and if you are trying to build a successful business online (like I am) you have to understand how important and valuable it is to capture your visitors emails.

Here is an example of one of my landing pages created with Builderall!

I hope this clarified a little for you 🙂


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