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I don’t know about you but I have always for some reason been interested and self-improvement, I have tried to read a lot of books (haven’t managed). I try to absorb people’s reactions and behaviors in various scenarios. I try to watch my own actions and behaviors and then analyse them. I don’t know it probably started with…have no idea?

But I believe self-improvement starts with self-awareness and a lot of people are not self-aware.  However, people can point out faults in other people but not see the same faults in themselves.

Here is an example, there are many examples but I’m going to give you one for now.  My mum, for example, has always been very good at pointing out other people’s faults not realizing she has the same faults. She can go into a store and ask for help. She gets help and afterwards, she can complain to me about how rude the associate was, not realizing she approached the associate with a grumpy face, accusatory voice, short and rude herself??? The times I have tried to point it out she gets angry and does not take even one second to reflect. She just starts yelling at me. She has always been this way!

I am not perfect!

I am not perfect myself. I don’t always self reflect (sometimes because I just don’t feel like it) but I’m aware of it and I try to watch how I reflect on to others. The times I realize that I’m behaving badly I don’t have a problem correcting myself (if I feel up to it). However, a lot of people have problems with being corrected and with correcting themselves. Therefore I believe self-improvement should be its own class in school. I believe the world would be a much better place if we were obligated to improve ourselves.

Change my “core”


My journey in my self-improvement is far from over.  First, in order to be able to change my “core” which is hard. I don’t think anyone really manages to do that but I think we create mechanisms to work in our favor. I think being aware is number 1. Then comes the books and then comes the exercises. If you are interested in reading how you can get started in small steps, read this article over at

This year…

This year

This year I’m really ready to create a change. I have decided to be a kinder person. Dare to be afraid and really try to read a book a month. I don’t know if I’m going to manage but I’m going to try!

Write a minimum of one thing a day that I’m grateful for and I will do my best to replace one bad habit to start. This has to be taken in small steps because of my ADHD, as soon as I do one thing too much, everything falls apart.

Almost last but not least, accept who I am. Accepting who I am is one of the hardest parts I think. Number one is to believe in me, belief in myself!

If you don’t believe in yourself why should anyone else believe in you?

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