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ADHD Problems

I have not posted here for quite a while, but I am working on changing this. Here are links to ADHD information posted on various Social Media Platforms, which maybe you would like to follow?   1. Attention Deficit Disorder This is a Facebook page called Attention Deficit Disorder Here …

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Installing Love on the Human Computer:

I find this article to be so relevant in every era, especially since the computer era begun. Tech Support: Yes, how can I help you? Customer: Well, after much consideration, I’ve decided to install Love. Can you guide me through the process? Tech Support: Yes. I can help you. Are …

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Squirrelpreneurs Podcast

So of course I forgot to post episode 2 on my blog…(duh…🤪) So here is episode 2 and 3 …hihihi Episode 2 Episode 3 And if you don’t have Anchor you can find it on these platforms as well: Anchor Google Podcast Spotify Breaker Pocket Casts Overcast RadioPublic

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Attraction Marketing ADHD

Attraction Marketing How do you perform attraction marketing when you have ADHD? I have been asking myself this question for many years and I have never found the answer…but I think I have come closer to finding something that may work…as long as you stick to it (yeah right…hahaha) well, …

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Short Explanation on Capture Pages

Ok so what is a capture page? The shortes explanation I can give you is this: A capture page is a page that is designed to capture someones email. That is it – it is a page with one specific purpose – to get a visitor to enter their email …

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Squirrelpreneur’s First Podcast Episode

So on a whim I created a podcast. I created a podcast about ADHD and entrepreneurship…and here is Squirrelpreneur’s first Podcast episode     How fun this is! Now Squirrelpreneur is available on these platforms: Anchor Google Podcast Spotify Breaker Pocket Casts Overcast RadioPublic

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