My Time Management Battles


Another year has started and I feel if I don’t do something last year will repeat itself! However, I am doing something different I am actually trying medication.



I have started with CBD oil and at the end of the month, I am meeting with a therapist who can prescribe medication. Ever since medical marijuana has been allowed, I decided to take the plunge and use the CBD oil. Of course, I decided to Read more about marijuana and it’s components when it became legal but now I have all the information I need and I’m feeling the benefits of the CBD oil.

Talk To My Doctor

First I am going to talk to my doctor because since I had the stroke I am nervous about taking the regular ADHD medications. Is weird but I have read so many different reviews of people trying all the different medications but from everyone that has left reviews about CBD oil, I have read no negative reactions?

Water Soluble CBD

That is why I have already started trying CBD oil. This is one of the things I’m doing differently this year. It sounds like it can help a lot of people, so why should it be any different for me? I’ve also heard that water soluble cbd may even be more effective than the oils because it enables the body to absorb more of the cbd compared to taking oil-based tinctures, so I may well give this a go too.

Smokeable CBD

As well as looking into CBD oil, my friend told me to have a look at some smokeable cbd products as well, just in case this method works better for me. It’s good to have a variety of options, as you may prefer one way more than the other. I can’t wait to get started on this treatment path this year.


Initially, I was a bit worried about smoking CBD. I wasn’t sure if CBD could get you high, which I didn’t really want. However, my friend sent me a link to a page so that I could learn more about CBD before I started using it. I was able to learn that CBD won’t get you high, meaning that I could smoke it comfortably. I’ll look into both of those methods more before going ahead with either of them.

CBD Business

However, I have also signed up for a CBD business that can be done from anywhere but I don’t buy from them since I live in Norway and they are not open in Norway. If you live in the UK, Sweden, Canada, Irland or USA CLICK HERE and take a look.

Time Flies

But time just flies… I keep trying to organize but I never manage, it’s so weird! The days just fly by and so fast it’s scary almost.

I have no other choice than to keep trying to master my time. Ever since I was young I have felt just flies, but after I’ve got the diagnosis ADHD it seems like time has just switched away.

I need to figure out a way to organize my time and mid last year I decided to try bullet journaling. and I really like the idea of using a bullet journal.

Bullet Journal

I have not given up on my bullet journal, I am still plugging away and I keep trying to make it a part of me. It’s weird that it’s so hard being that I have always used a planner, although I have always used one doesn’t mean that I have actually always written in it…hahaha…but I have always had a planner.

Before I have always bought planners that have everything filled out, like months, weeks and days etc, now I have to fill in all that and I want to make it nice! I figured I can make it my own but I keep forgetting but I haven’t given up so there you go.

I am determined to change things around this year that means I have to do things that I find uncomfortable but I’m ready.

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