Ok, so I am not trying to hide it...I am in many programs and have bought into many things that I believe in, however, I CAN NOT promote or concentrate on all of them, it's just not possible! But I can't miss out (God, one never knows...LOL) so I have decided to list

EVERY PROGRAM I have bought into or am part of in some way or another on this page. Now Like I said, I am NOT promoting everything but I am sharing! So if you want to take a look you are welcome to do so :) You might have seen some of them advertised around the internet advertised as a company for you to join and make money off. However, if you see them listed under a different category on my page here, it is because I have chosen to either promote it or list it as a shop. So if you have been shown CTFO (aka Change The Future Outcome) as an MLM/Affiliate program and I have listed it under SHOPS, then it's because I am not promoting it as an opportunity but as a place, for you to shop! Capish? Also, as you might...or might not have understood, I am involved with MANY PROGRAMS and thus need to concentrate on one (or two) programs at a time. So, for now, it is





. Two platforms that have EVERYTHING YOU NEED to create whatever it is you want to do online! You only need one of these two though but, of course, I can't just stick to one...LOL



  because it's just AWESOME!! So those two are the ones I am building on for now!  



- is a fitness program that also is an affiliate program. I do like this affiliate program, however, I live in Norway so I can't utilize everything they offer :(  


Nuskin USA

- Anti-aging facial/body washes etc. products I LOOOOOVE nuskin products and I use them!

Nuskin Norway

- Anti-aging facial/body washes, etc. products


- Store

CTFO (Changing The Future Outcome)

- I don't really know much about the benefits of HEMP but I have picked up that there are many benefits so I signed


- I have no idea what this is but hey, feel free to figure it out yourself...


- For makeup Jewelry store - For this, I have used

Groovefunnels and I am building out another store using Groovekart!








but I believe in the long run it may be better than Builderall (not sure though but I bought the lifetime membership)


- Get


you need to run a Digital business for ONE low monthly pay

My Online Startup

- Great for people new to affiliate marketing


- Get paid royalties over and over from ONE purchase (This program I should actually promote more but it's a little bit to understand and I just don't feel like getting into it right now but eventually I will cause this is the BOMB!) -

In this program, you can start off with low investment and then build yourself up. It is a training program, which I actually forgot I had and when I remembered I already was deep into other stuff...(me in a nutcase)

The Super Affiliate Network

- Another great program I bought on a whim and didn't utilize as I should have

ORU Travel

- Travel engine

My Virtual Downline Builder

- Now just to warn you. This is no walk in the park, there is a lot of setups to do inside this program so brace yourself ? But look on the bright side; you only need to do it one time!?


- Which I can not let go of!

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