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Ok, so I am not trying to hide it…I am in many programs and have bought into many things that I believe in, however, I CAN NOT promote or concentrate on all of them, it’s just not possible! But I can’t miss out (God, one never knows…LOL) so I have decided to list EVERY PROGRAM I have bought into or am part of in some way or another on this page.

Now Like I said, I am NOT promoting everything but I am sharing! So if you want to take a look you are welcomed to do so 🙂

You might have seen some of them advertised around the internet advertised as a company for you to join and make money off. However, if you see them listed under a different category on my page here, it is because I have chosen to either promote it or list it as a shop.

So if you have been shown CTFO (aka Change The Future Outcome) as an MLM/Affiliate program and I have listed it under SHOPS, then it’s because I am not promoting it as an opportunity but as a place for you to shop! Capish?

Also, as you might…or might not have understood, I am involved with MANY PROGRAMS and thus need to concentrate on one (or two) programs at a time. So, for now, it is

#1. Builderall and Groovefunnels. Two platforms that have EVERYTHING YOU NEED to create whatever it is you want to do online! You only need one of these two though but of course, I can’t…LOL

#2. My Online Startup is just VALUE PACKED with a FREE version. The reason for that is I am tired of all the BS that the “gurus” are serving for $$$$$$ and I am finally going back to basics AND learning!

#3. BUILDERALL  because it’s just AWESOME!! So those three ones are the ones I am building on for now!



NowLifestyle – is a fitness program that also is an affiliate program. I do like this affiliate program, however, I live in Norway so I can’t utilize everything they offer 🙁



Nuskin USA – Anti-aging facial/body washes etc. products I LOOOOOVE nuskin products and I use them!

Nuskin Norway – Anti-aging facial/body washes, etc. products

ShopKula – Store

CTFO (Changing The Future Outcome) – I don’t really know much about the benefits of HEMP but I have picked up that there are many benefits so I signed up…lol

SavingsHighway – I have no idea what this is but hey, feel free to figure it out yourself…

Oriflame – For makeup

Jewelry store – For this, I have used Groovefunnels and I am building out another store using Groovefunnels Groovekart!



GroovefunnelsSAME as Builderall but I believe in the long run it may be better than Builderall (not sure though but I bought the lifetime membership)

Builderall – Get EVERYTHING you need to run a Digital business for ONE low monthly pay

My Online Startup – Great for people new to affiliate marketing

Kulabrands – Get paid royalties over and over from ONE purchase (This program I should actually promote more but it’s a little bit to understand and I just don’t feel like getting into it right now but eventually I will cause this is the BOMB!) In this program, you can start off with low investment and then build yourself up. It is a training program, which I actually forgot I had and when I remembered I already was deep into other stuff…(me in a nutcase)

NetworksolutionsPro – For the freebie seeking. It’s a good program to use if you are tight on a budget.

The Super Affiliate Network – Another great program I bought on a whim and didn’t utilize as I should have

ORU Travel – Travel engine

My Virtual Downline Builder – Now just to warn you. This is no walk in the park, there is a lot of setups to do insider this program so brace yourself 😉 But look on the bright side; you only need to do it one time!😉

Getresponse – Which I can not let go of!


I get traffic from this page, this page and this blog (hihi…this blog is only about affiliate marketing and MLM), and of course social media.



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