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Well it should not come as a shock that I have ADHD 🤪😉🤣

Anywhooo…I am not on medication although I many times wish I could be on medication at the same time (as I have heard from several that are on medication) I don't want to “lose” myself!

Bet you didn't know that if you know one person with ADHD you know one! And that the symptoms can lessen as you grow older! You can read more about it here at DRUGWATCH

For more information, you can check out this page that has links to various ADHD information sites

I said “lessen” and I said “can,” so it doesn't mean that it does but it can, and for me my hyperactivity has changed from being hyper in actions (or at least it is numbed….lol) to being hyper in my head.

I switch my thoughts all the time and in the middle of a conversation I can drop out. When I get “called” in again I can answer completely as if I am not there and that irritates the living shit out my other half 😕

Anyway, I was going to say that today I am working on setting up my Instagram posts for the week, and do you know how much time that has taken me so far….one hour and 30 minutes, remember this is just for one week, and I haven't even finished 😣 not even close to finishing to where I can rest from Instagram and only respond and interact 😣



and OMG OMG this girl explained it very well as a comic strip in ADHD-ALIEN


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