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Just a little info on Online Business…

Just a little info on online busienss

If you are new or semi-new to building your online business there is just a little info on online business I would like to tell you since in 2020 there still are people out there who think that the online business doesn't demand time, money and learning. In fact, running an online business can take up your whole day with the number of things you need to get done. One of the most important jobs is to use online reporting tools regularly to ensure you have an understanding of your ‘numbers'. As well as being at the forefront of your business with marketing your products and communicating with clients and investors, you have the time-consuming and sometimes tedious behind the scenes tasks. These behind the scenes tasks can include payroll (if you have staff, which you most likely do if your business is growing), recruitment, benefits management, and insurance. Many online business owners need to invest in PEO services to focus more on the forefront of their company; what is a peo? PEO's are entities that provide employee management services, which you can find more about at The PEO People website. If this isn't enough to convince you that running a business isn't always a breeze, I don't know what will!

So here goes:

Just A Little Info On Online Business


If you want the fastest way to make money online and build
your list you will need to get traffic to your online business
and the fastest traffic you can get is paid. Depending on which content management system you're using, there are different techniques available. As many businesses will use SEO to build traffic on their websites, it might be worth reading about wordpress vs wix for seo to make sure you choose the best system to build your online business on. This can play a big part in online traffic, so it might be worth doing some research beforehand. Once you've chosen your ideal content management system, you can start making use of SEO to build your online traffic, hopefully helping you to make some money.

However, if you are really low on money, use a revenue-generating
traffic exchange site to build your advertising budget
(pm me if you would like to know of any and know how it works)

Therefore start saving, even if it's as low as
$20 a week, you got to start somewhere!


Your E-mail list is your single most valuable asset
in your online business so isn't it imperative that you
are working on building your list every day?

To build your e-mail list you need traffic, to get traffic
you will need an advertising budget and to get an advertising budget
you need capital!

However, you should concentrate on 1 traffic generation method
until you master it completely! I have to warn you though, you will
waste money – there is a learning curve so be prepared!
But once you got it down you never have to worry again!


You are a newbie so no one expects you to have your own product
You need to Leverage A Done For You Offer in order to get you going.

There are plenty of systems out there created by 6, 7 & 8 figure earners
out there that are willing to pay you 100% commissions with
sales copy, sales videos, and sales webinars ready for you to just
promote and earn.

Creating sales copy, sales videos,
and sales webinars is a learning curve which will come to you later

which brings me to the next point


Learn, Do, and Teach…
You want to become a person of value to others,
then the only way to become one is by adding value to
your marketplace!

This is where they learn, do, and teach methodology comes
into play… As you begin to learn new skills and then
implement them and take more and more action, you need to
simultaneously teach people what you're learning and doing.

Setup a blog, and for every action, you take, teach people
what you did, and what the end result was with a blog post.
Even if it was a failure… showing people what NOT TO DO can
be just as powerful as showing people what to do. If you don't
want to set up a blog but you're active on Social Media then
make posts there OR better yet do a LIVE video and explain
the process to your followers. You can then Link to that LIVE
into your email list.
A process I'm currently trying to get the hang of.

In the process of creating problem-solving, value-driven
content, and then consistently sharing it with your list,
you'll build a relationship with your list. The money is in
the relationship you have with your list and you want them to
KNOW you're the right person to join under.

Now ask yourself, why on earth would I just seem like right
person to join?

It's because I've been the person consistently solving their
problems through blog posts, youtube videos, podcast shows,
etc… and putting in the work to build a relationship.

Sooner or later your prospect will be ready to join. The
question is whether or not you're the person that they'll
seek out when they're ready.


Stay Consistent…

This is yet another part of which I am working on…
cause the truth of the matter is…
you WILL see results… BUT ONLY IF YOU STAY

I have to realize I am running a business, and running a
a business takes having operating hours where you consistently
sit down and get things done.

Commit to 6 months of full action, and you'll be shocked
at what will happen for you and your business.

And that my friends is just a little info on online business…FINITO!

Let me know in the comments what you think and If you are curious about the system I use

Want To Learn More CLICK HERE

Have a great day!

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

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