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    Morning Coffee 05 May 2021

    So I am back on Happs, chatting away not knowing what the hell to talk about and just grabbing from thin air…LMAO….🤣 Don’t forget to: 1. Download the Happs app 2. Subscribe to get notified when I go live 3. Support my work on Happs

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    Morning Coffee

    Morning Coffee

    Ready For Some Morning Chitter Shatter? Hi everyone, today I stumbled over this app called HAPPS, an exciting new platform! I was looking for a better streaming service to simultaneously broadcast to all of my social channels and see all…

  • funny-commercial

    I came accross this commercial on youtube and thought it was funny…so I am sharing it 🙂

  • yes-but

    The Biggest Dream Killer….

    The Biggest Dream Killer… Lord knows I have dream killers, not only one but many, and one of them is the big “But“… “But” is the biggest dream killer… “I would have, but“, “but you see….”, “but I can’t…” All…

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    My Programs

    MY PROGRAMS Ok, so I am not trying to hide it…I am in many programs and have bought into many things that I believe in, however, I CAN NOT promote or concentrate on all of them, it’s just not possible!…

  • Personal Development/Mindset


    I don’t know about you but I have always for some reason been interested and self-improvement, I have tried to read a lot of books (haven’t managed). I try to absorb people’s reactions and behaviors in various scenarios. I try…

  • Funny

    Runway Fun

    Tik Tok is such a time waster, but I can’t help using countless times browsing through Tick Tok on my phone. Then I decided to check it on my pc…argh 😖😫 what a dumb idea…. Anyway, I also decided to…

  • ADHD

    What Is ADHD?

    What Is ADHD? A brief-brief explanation. ADHD is short for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder which is a medical disorder. It is a neuro-developmental disorder and unfortunately, it’s incurable but treatable. This disorder affects kids as well as adults. If it’s spotted at an…

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    Personal Growth

    Personal Growth: It’s Time To Grow Up I think we can say most young people have a defining moment in life realizing that it’s time to get serious about life and grow up. The reason I say most is that…

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