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Attraction Marketing ADHD

Attraction Marketing

How do you perform attraction marketing when you have ADHD?

I have been asking myself this question for many years and I have never found the answer…but I think I have come closer to finding something that may work…as long as you stick to it (yeah right…hahaha) well, I am giving it a go for the 30th time (literally!!!) because so many people before me have and even people with ADHD…So…

Pain Points & Why

Now if you are trying to build a networking company from home, what are your biggest pain points? Can I take a guess? Whatever, I'm taking a guess, it's leads & money…right?

I don't know if you are like me – all over the place – but if you are I would suggest you really take some hard and thorough thinking time to figure out WHY you want to do what you do.

I have heard it, read it and keep hearing how important you WHY is, and after 20 some years it's finally sinking in (yeah it took me 20 years!) not of coming up with WHY's but coming up with the ONE WHY!!…

My Why

To help, guide, or be a listening ear to others like me…who have traveled half their life not knowing they have ADHD or just found out. However, I have no formal education within psychology (except psych 101, 102 (and 103 I think)). If you have had a stroke before you found out about your ADHD and/or don't take medication either, we are even closer…almost twins…hehe.

And ALSO to be able to be available for my son and daughter and also to be able to travel when I very well feel so!

Back to start…

Well, like I started off with, I tend to ramble in speech and in writing –  I finally have (after numerous sign-ups under my numerous email addresses) decided to go through the training provided by Jim & Brian Fanale, who Ray Higdon, Lawrence Tam just to mention a few.

So with this said (a little sidetrack writing while watching the training videos…once again…duh). I will leave a link below for you to check out this AWESOMESAUCE Affiliate training yourself…if you at all want to be successful in your solo adventure?


Until my next scribbles…Make it happen!

PS! If you want to create your own capture page (if you are wondering what a capture page is…Not that I think you are but check out this page if you are wondering CAPTURE PAGE)

We NEED to find ways to keep your focus on the task at hand…????


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