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I have not posted here for quite a while, but I am working on changing this.

Here are links to ADHD information posted on various Social Media Platforms, which maybe you would like to follow?

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1. Attention Deficit Disorder

This is a Facebook page called Attention Deficit Disorder Here people share their personal success strategies so the community can benefit. They publish articles from a variety of resources.

2. Managing Adult ADHD/ADD

A resource and community for those who are living with Adult ADD / ADHD. Are you an adult living with Adult ADD / ADHD then this page will be of great value to you.

3. Healthline: Living with ADHD

Connect with the ADHD community to find trustworthy answers and warm support. They help you navigate your way.

4. National Resource Center on ADHD: A Program of CHADD

National Resource Center on AD/HD is the most up to date resource for ADHD. It also provides science-based information about all aspects of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder.


1. @ADHD_news

@ADHD_news provides ADHD news from around the net.

2. @womenwithadhd

Online Support for Women with ADD / ADHD

3.  @ADHDFacts

Follow for the latest ADHD news and to connect with ADHD patients and caretakers, all from the editors of



1. ADHD Explained – Need I say more?

2. ADHD Tag




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