Atypical day for me is – I have things to do and I get to do a fraction of them!

Ok, so I have online endeavors, I have two blogs, I have MLSP, I’m supposed to post to my social media. I am interested in blockchain, I want to learn how to blog for money, I like to get my podcast really started and promoted. Love to travel and it would be so fun to document with video. I want to get my photography off the ground, I want to start dancing, I want to start martial arts. Not to mention I love food and would definitely like to report on food I eat… out of course…hahaha… Let’s not forget I really want to get my affiliate marketing off the ground (been trying forever). My social media strategist company that I started… and the list goes on.

Decisions Are Loose…

Last night I had decided to get both my blogs up and running, like for good. This morning I got interested in starting online courses but in what? Like anyone needs a course on how to be distracted! I, therefore, decided to stick to my blogging. oops no, I started looking for microphones for my podcast! Meanwhile, I was watching a webinar on creating an online course…go figure!

While doing all this, I ran downstairs to hang up the clothes from the machine – listening to the podcast on my phone. Once that was done I had to listen to my boyfriend complaining about his situation. Back upstairs with my PC and my notebooks to really get started in my blogging. Continuing looking for microphones, watching a webinar, I decide I need to write a blog post about it.

While thinking…

Which I’m doing right now and to top it off – in my mind, I am thinking about what my son will become???? Also, I’m thinking about my daughter, the weather, whether or not I want to do my social media. What should I concentrate on; my blogging, my podcast, youtube, social media, etc etc…all while I’m staring at my PC screen.

Now, this is how my days actually go. tomorrow commercial job even looked at that script well I have looked at it but that’s all I’ve done.

Oh, and I was also supposed to work out today snap that won’t happen!!!

Ok, so before it’s time to go pick up my son from his daycare I really need to get started!


18:25 (7:25 pm) – Didn’t get shit done! Putting Jr. to bed and getting to get ready for tomorrows commercial work.

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