The SquirrelPreneur

The Squirrelpreneur (as I call myself)…
Here I talk and post about anything I feel like, and in between the pages, you will find links to concentrated areas of all my online ventures. 

For what this site is about scroll down.

What Is This Site About?

Ok, I have ADHD…

For those who know what that means…BRAVO! For those who don’t, 

well it’s allot and I am not about to write about it here. Go HERE if you wan to know.

And To read more about ME as a person go to This Is Me 😀

Now with that out of the way, let me get started.

I am a lover of many things, therefore I have spent about 15 min (literally *lol*) on many things.

So I decided after plenty of blogs to just create one blog about everything (is my hope) so that I can focus more (God knows how hard it is for me and yet I have 100 of projects in the air…*sigh*)


(I mean hopefully I can manage to post…hehehe)

My Pastime...

So I am in 100’s of affiliate programs, a few MLM companies and in the process of starting my own E-commerce store. But since I am in the process of setting up my own E-commerce store I will be promoting all my programs at random with a concentration on my E-commerce store 

So below are 4 of my affiliate programs, further down are my E-stores and my MLM programs

To go to each one click on the picture or the text.


My Ongoing Challenge

Groovefunnels is FREE now...soon it will cost $299 a month!

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